The brand new BB Workout Log 1.5.3 introduces several bug fixes as well as two important improvements: displaying of improved 1RM on the training summary screen and more freedom in selection of replacement exercises.

The first new feature is related to further improving the training summary screen. One of the main goals for that screen is to provide motivation during training (train hard to see a new achievement – works for me, at least). Thus, in addition to the already present feature of displaying reps increase for already used weights, I added a very important piece of information: new 1 repetition max records. The former feature is not enough, because often we progress by training with new weights, it is difficult to say which is better: 12x80kg or 11×82.5kg. The new summary solves this problem by keeping track of best 1RM for all exercises and displaying notifications if new best is reached.

New best 1RM

Don’t mind the training time, just a quick example

The next improvement is in the selection of an exercise for a replacement during training. Previously you were able to select an exercise from the same body part only, but now I experienced very clearly that it is not enough. Often a machine is taken, and you do not want to perform another exercise, you would rather switch the order of exercises in your current routine. Now, with the free replacement exercise selection, it is easy to do. Just replace an exercise to the next one, then when it comes to the next exercises in the routine, replace it to the previous one.

Free body part selection

Free body part selection

I hope that you like the new version, have fun with your training (although, it is extremely difficult at this super hot time of the year). Remember, that you can report all bugs or suggestions to

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