Only a week has passed since the release of BB Workout Log 1.5.3, which introduced displaying of 1RM records and improved selection of replacement exercises, and I have a new version for you already.

BB Workout Log 1.5.4 brings a feature that was requested a long time ago: training notes. This feature is essential for a workout log, I am sorry, that it took more than 20 version updates before it was implemented. BB Workout Log strives to be as flexible as a notepad, and many athletes, who are used to paper logs, enjoy scribbling notes about training together with weight and rep input. At the same time I realize that a lot of people never write any notes, so my goal was to implement convenient entering of notes, but make it unobtrusive for those users who do not need this feature.

An option to enter/edit notes for a current set is available when you press the menu button on your phone or the menu button on the action bar (see the screenshot below). When you choose it, a floating dialog with a multi-line input appears and you can enter your notes for the set there. You can do this either before or after entering weight and reps, or even in this order – weight, notes, reps. You can also edit entered notes before a set is logged by choosing the same option from the menu. Once you log a set, entered notes appear below weight and reps.

Training comments

Add or edit comments for the current set

I hope you enjoy this new feature. Even if you did not use notes in your training before, you might want to give it a try. Leave a note for the next training session (more weight? less reps?) or comment on the current set (poor form? felt sick?). In any case, you can send me your comments, report bugs or feature requests to And please do not forget to rate the app on Google Play if you like it.

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