Comparing to few previous versions, BB Workout Log 1.6.1 is not as rich in new features, but fixes many important bugs.

I finally fixed one of the most annoying issues that has been there since the very first versions: dreadful layout of routine exercise list. As you might have noticed, re-ordering of routine exercises was a nightmare. Now, re-ordering icons are made bigger, proper margins are added, so it is much more easier to drag rows up and down. I also would like to remind you that it is possible to delete an exercise from a routine by long holding its row and selecting “Delete” from the appearing context menu.

I keep repeating, that you can request a feature or a fix any time. Just send me a quick tweet @bbworkoutlog or write an email. Few days ago a BB Workout Log user Mike tweeted that it would be nice to have a feature that allowed to set weight to 90%/80%/etc percentage of 1 RM, and I am glad to announce that this feature is included into this new version of the app.

1RM options

Long hold to set weight

To see the 1 RM context menu, long press the weight input field. Then, after one of the menu items is selected, the respective weight will be entered into the weight field automatically. From there you can edit it further, of course. If you do not know how to incorporate these percentages in your training routines, there is a lot of info on the Internet , you can see this article for example. Or you can simply not use this feature at all, if you do not need it.

I hope you like this new release, please rate the app on Google Play, if it helps with your training.

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