BB Workout Log 1.6.2 introduces a new summary screen layout, a new option, resuming of workouts, some cosmetic changes and some bug fixes.

Not so long ago, a user asked for information on total weight moved. This is indeed an important piece of training information, that is very useful for tracking fitness or bodybuilding progress. In general, the more weight you are able to move in a fixed amount of time, the stronger you are. If you are training low-volume all the time, you might want to try incorporating a high-volume phase into your training and see how it goes. Varying different approaches and monitoring different stats will keep your body guessing and lead to more growth. Of course, if you agree, that “the only high volume should be the volume in your headphones”, you can simply ignore this piece of information, and monitor 1RM or any other combination of stats that are important to you. In any case all users can enjoy a more structured workout summary screen with new icons.

New workout summary screen

New beautiful workout summary screen

Another highly requested feature is disabling turning off of the screen during training. BB Workout Log app is positioned as a “pure training” app, which means, that you should not waste time tapping and swiping your phone, you should train! In this light, it is really counter-productive to keep locking and unlocking phone screen all the time. Thus I added a new option: “Keep screen on during training”. The option is disabled by default, as many people keep their phones in pockets during training and want to avoid accidental presses.

Finally, you can resume unfinished training from the point that you left off. For example, if you close the app by accident, or in an unlikely event of a crash, the workout can be resumed, and no data will be lost. To resume a training session simply go to “Training”, and the system will offer to continue from where you left off.

I hope that you enjoy the new version, please report bugs and feature requests to and don’t forget to rate the app on Google Play if you like it.


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