Firstly, you might wonder, why there were no posts about versions 1.6.3 – 1.6.5. This is because these releases were quick bugfix releases which have not brought any significant new features. Although one feature was added, and it might interest some of socially-active users. This feature is sharing of training summaries. Now, if you summary screen mentions huge weights and new records, you can share that image with your friends using email, SMS, Facebook or any other sharing provider that your phone supports.

Now back to the latest version. It brings a requested feature: diary of measurements. The feature is very simply, but I will improve it if it is popular among users. Currently you can log measurements for the following items: weight, body fat, shoulders, biceps, calves, chest, forearms, hips, neck, thighs, waist. For paired body parts you can log left and right separately (or only left, or only right). If you do not want to monitor measurements of a certain part – just skip it, no entries are compulsory. Also, measurement units (same as with weights) are not enforced: you can log centimeters, inches, pounds, kilograms or anything else.


Bodybuilding measurements

On the same day you can edit measurements as many times as you want. Earlier measurements can be deleted only. History is available on the measurement screen, also the latest value is shown in the list.

I hope you like this feature. As usual, send me your feedback, ideas or simply thoughts, it is always nice to hear from BB Workout Log users.


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