Some of BB Workout Log users might have noticed that pressing the back button during training has a not-so-predictable effect of ending the training. And even though the latest versions of the app allow resuming unfinished routines, one problem was remaining unsolved: if you click “finish exercise” by accident there was no way to return to the previous one. This is no longer true.

The new version introduces free navigation within a routine. At any moment you can move to the previous exercise or skip an exercise. The navigation options are accessible from the menu (see the screenshot below).

Workout navigation

Free navigation within a routine

Bonus: you can use this new feature for performing supersets. Simply go back to the previous exercise after performing a set. You can add a comment that it is a part of a superset using the comments feature.

You also might have noticed from the screenshot that the best 1RM result is displayed above the “save set” button. I hope that this small improvement will motivate you to achieve new better results in your training.

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