I am very proud to present this new application update to version 1.6. As you might have noticed, I upped the version number by 0.06, and there is a good reason for this. BB Workout Log 1.6 introduces a feature that many users wanted for a long time: full backup and restore. Of course, this feature, as well as all other features is absolutely free.

We had export to a CSV file implemented a long time ago, but that feature could not help you, if you changed your phone and wanted to preserve all your training history inside the application. Having in mind, that many of us upgrade phones quite often, having a reliable backup/restore feature is essential.

The new feature backups and restores everything: exercises, routines, all settings and history – all of that in a single click. To access the feature, use a new menu bubble on the main application screen. You will see 3 options: first one is the old CSV export, which is still useful for analyzing your results on a computer, and two others – new goodness.

Export and import options

Export and import options

Choosing a backup option will open a directory chooser dialog. After choosing a directory, a backup file will be created inside of it. You can move that file to another phone using Dropbox, email, USB cable or any other means that you prefer. Important: do not rename the file, it will not be detected in that case. Then choosing “Restore” on another device and opening the copied backup file will instantly restore all your information.

Another good news is that BB Workout Log is on Twitter now. Please follow @bbworkoutlog for latest news, development updates and lots of other useful stuff.

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