BB Workout Log 1.8.0 is another big release following the successful addition of training history viewing in 1.7.0. This time I added a feature that speeds up usage of the app even further – automatic selection of rest interval. Together with another recently added option “Auto-continue after rest” the new option allows to save set results, start the timer and get back to logging with a single click.

You can find the new option in routine editing. Reminder: to edit an existing routine long tap a routine name in the routine list and select “Edit”. “Reuse rest intervals from prev. session” is unchecked by default, but I bet that once you try this feature, you will want to enable it for most of your routines.

Reuse rest times

Reuse rest intervals from previous training sessions

Here is how it works. During your training you may use many different rest intervals, for example, I have different rest times between warm-up sets, work sets and exercises. Some users even said that 3 pre-defined intervals are not enough. It may become a little difficult to keep track of all those rest times if you even have trouble standing after a very hard set. Worry no more! Check the “Reuse rest intervals from prev. session” on a routine that has the same rest intervals in each training session. Now you do not have to select rest times, just choose whether you want to save and finish a set, or save and finish an exercise, the rest time will be chosen from the respective set in the previous training session.

The auto-rest feature is even smarter than you would expect. Lets say, you feel strong and full of energy on a particular day and want to perform more sets than usual. Well, you can easily do this and not worry about incorrectly selected rest time. If the app encounters an unusual situation (more or less sets than usual, a different exercise, etc), it will simply give the control back to you, and you will be able to choose rest interval manually.

You won’t believe it, but the goodness does not stop here. In addition to the awesome auto-rest feature I added (finally) displaying of total weight moved per exercise. You can see this information in the history view from now. Hope that it helps you to progress faster.

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