It has been a long time since the last update for BB Workout Log. Partly because of summer (but I hope you still train during this season 😉 and partly because I have been busy implementing new features and preparing for a release of a new major version.

The first piece of news is that starting from version 2.0.0 I am dropping support of devices with Android version smaller than 4 (ice cream sandwich). I would like to apologize to all users of Android 2.3, but there are too few of you by now and amount of additional work required to support such old versions is too big for me. On the bright side, the app is at its top form – muscular and lean (less than 2MB again). Of course, older versions will still work with older Android; the previous version is very stable and functional, many users already got what they need.

From now on during training it is always possible to see how many exercises are in the routine and how many are left (of course, set number is still there as well).

Always visible routine progress

Always visible routine progress

Not only it is possible to see routine progress all the time, but it is also possible to add/re-order/remove/navigate to any exercise in a routine during training. For example, on a particular day you are feeling full of strength and energy and would like to perform an additional exercise. Select “Session overview” from the menu during training and add any number of additional exercises. Or lets say, all barbells in your gym are taken but you still want to do some bench pressing – select “Session overview”, move bench press to the next spot and start with some abs workout first. It is a very powerful feature, which will be accessible for free for 2 months, then it becomes available as a premium feature. If you don’t want to buy this feature afterwards, there are free “Previous exercise”, “Next exercise” and “Replace exercise” functions remaining.

Still there is more free goodness in this release. Do you have some one rep max record that you can’t beat right now, because it is in another routine (where that exercise is first and you were fresh and full of strength, for example)? No worries – if you filter your history by a routine, you will see best one rep max. from that routine only. Stay motivated all the time!

I hope you enjoy this major update and your training will be even more productive!

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