After more than 2 years of silence I am happy to announce that BB Workout Log is not dead. I and many more people use it on daily baisis and the lack of new versions does not mean anything but the fact that the project is mature and complete.

However, I felt that the current sound notification system was not reliable enough. Sometimes the sounds stopped playing after some time and it was easy to miss the beginning of the next set. With the new notifications system the rest timer can be trusted more:

  • when the rest timer finishes, a sound plays (if chosen in options) and an icon appears in the notifications bar;
  • if you are using a smart watch, you will get a notification there as well.

In addition, session overview feature (the one that allows to reorder and switch exercises quickly) is available from the menu on the rest screen as well, so that you can adjust the routine without wasting precious training time.

Finally, application colors were updated to a more modern theme.

Download on Google Play