8 reasons to keep a workout journal

8 real reasons to keep a workout journal. See how this simple and transparent activity will make your training more efficient.

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Automatic rest timer (1.8.0)

See how this new version allows to save weight and reps, start appropriate rest timer and get back to logging with a single click.

Reuse rest times
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Browse history by training session (1.7.0)

I know that you wanted this for a long time. Meet a new and natural way to browse your training history.

Workout log history
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BB Workout Log 1.6.7

The new version introduces free navigation within a routine. At any moment you can move to the previous exercise or skip an exercise.

Workout navigation
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Android Interval Workout Timer

See how my new Android interval workout timer app is different from other apps. Would you like to take back control over your cardio workouts?

Flexible Interval Timer
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BB Workout Log 1.6.6

Wonder where are posts about versions 1.6.3 – 1.6.5? Or want to see what new feature 1.6.6 brings? All questions are answered in this blog post.

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BB Workout Log 1.6.2

BB Workout Log 1.6.2 brings a new stat: total weight moved. In addition there are some cosmetic changes, resuming of workouts and a highly requested new option.

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BB Workout Log for Android 2.2

Android Froyo version is no longer supported, but you can always download it using a link in this post. It will always remain free and ad-free.

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BB Workout Log Version 1.6.1

BB Workout Log 1.6.1 includes many important bug fixes, as well as a new feature for easier 1 RM percentage calculation.

1RM options
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BB Workout Log Version 1.6

BB Workout Log 1.6 introduces a feature that many users wanted for a long time: full backup and restore. Don’t lose your training history after switching to a new mobile device.

Load workout from file
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