As you know, BB Workout Log does not allow explicit browsing of history – you can only see it during training, for that particular exercise only. This was true until now. Version 1.7.0 brings a new feature: history viewing.

There is a new button on the home page (I am starting to run out of space there). Pressing the button brings you to a calendar view, where all days when you trained are highlighted and any of them can be selected. After selecting a training day, you will be presented with a full training log for that day, including training time and total weight moved information. Rest times and workout notes are also included and highlighted for better readability.

Workout log history

Workout log history in new format

Furthermore, you can even delete a whole training session with one click now (press the phone menu button or access this option from the action bar). New users can easily test the app and later delete the test data without having to delete sets one by one.

Important note: existing users may notice that the calendar does not show workout sessions older than August 2014. This is not a bug: I changed the app database structure around that time which allowed to introduce all these new features. However, old history will remain present in the old format, which is accessible during training. The important thing to understand is that no information was lost.

You also might have noticed that from now on you can comment on blog posts here. Your comments are very important to me, feel free to start a discussion about newly introduced features, for example. Unfortunately, the format of reviews on Google Play is not suitable for a discussion (but your reviews are still vital). For starters, I would like to know your opinion about the new (horizontal) history format (see the screenshot). Do you like it? Would you like it to be the main format, used during training as well? Please leave your comments.

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