First of all I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I have not posted an update for a long time now, so I hope you like this one.

If you used the BB Workout Log app at least once, you probably noticed how the app pre-enters the weight used in the previous set. So if, for example, you train with the same dumbbells in all sets of the same exercise, you need to enter the weight once only. This feature is a part of the general app philosophy of “pure training“, which basically means as much working out and as little phone action as possible.

In BB Workout Log 1.8.7 I decided to take this feature to the next level. A lot of people, myself including, often use different weight for each set: usually a couple of warmup sets, then working sets, perhaps with further weight increases. So in this case the weight pre-entering scheme described above is pretty much useless. The new app version brings super-smart guessing of weight according to these new rules:

  • if you used different weight for each set last time, the app will pre-enter the respective same weight for each set. E.g. if last time you logged 40×10, 60×6, 80×12, then the next time the app will pre-enter 40, 60, 80 for each set;
  • if you used the same weight for each set last time, then the app will pre-enter the previous weight for the first set, then – whatever weight you actually logged for the first set. E.g. if last time you logged 80×12, 80×10, 80×8, then the next time the app will pre-enter 80 for the first set, but if you actually wanted to increase weight and corrected that to 85, then the app will pre-enter 85 for each next set.

This explanation may seem a little complicated, but you will notice how weight pre-entering has improved immediately after upgrading to the new version.

It’s been a good year for BB Workout Log, and the main reason for this is you: app users. I would like to thank you all for your loyalty and kind words in reviews on Google Play. You can download this new version of BB Workout Log Android app without ads absolutely free (and install it manually, all app data will be preserved as if you upgraded through Google Play). This is the only new version that is released without ads, so the next upgrade from Google Play will bring the ads back. However, if you are fully satisfied with the workout tracker now, you can skip upgrades for a while, keeping this ad-free version.

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