If you read other posts on this blog, you will see a lot of BB Workout Log features that make life of a bodybuilder much easier. However, many people wonder if they should keep a workout journal at all. The answer of course is “yes!”, and here are 8 reasons to do this.

1. Workout log allows to track your progress.

This is an obvious item, but so many athletes underestimate its importance. One may think that it is easy to spot positive changes in one’s body, however, since progress in bodybuilding is a slow process, changes may (or may not) become noticeable after a couple of months only. Time flies by, and you may think that you are progressing fast, but a log might show you that weights have been the same for a month or more, which brings us to the next reason…

2. Keeping a journal keeps you honest with yourself.

It is difficult to admit that you are doing something wrong, even to yourself. But numbers don’t lie. If your weights do not increase, if intensity does not increase, finally, if body measurements do not change, you probably need to alter something in your workouts, nutrition, rest, etc.

3. Workout log keeps you motivated.

Keeping an abstract goal in your head is one thing. Seeing precise information in front of your eyes is another thing. You know what you have, you know what you want. A clear goal makes the path easier. BB Workout Log app goes beyond this, and even motivates further with displaying of various records and stats.

4. Training diary does not allow you to forget.

Did you train last Saturday or Sunday? Have you been using the same routine for 3 or for 4 months? Finally, what dumbbells were you using during your previous workout? Answers to these questions can be critical for efficient training. People forget. When you have to do hundreds of various things every day, it is easy to forget details of your training. Training diaries will remember all this stuff for you.

5. Workout log allows to save money after hiring a coach.

If at some point of your bodybuilding path, you decide that you need a coach, you can save a lot of his and your time (i.e. money) if you have records of what you have been doing, what worked for you and what didn’t. A professional coach will probably ask you to keep a training journal anyway.

6. Workout log allows to justify bad days.

Sometimes you don’t feel very well, sometimes you have injuries – training results may be worse on such days. Even you have great memory for numbers and remember weight from every training session, you might not remember how you felt. Leaving a short comment in your workout journal solves this problem. Next time you will know that you were not yourself on that day, and you have no reason to worry too much about it. Just keep getting better!

7. Workout journal allows to focus on more aspects of training.

If you not only log weights and reps, but body measurements as well, you will see a direct link between training routines and body changes. This is extremely valuable and motivating information. What works for one person, may not work for another, but if your body reacts positively, you will know that you are on the right track.

8. Training diary makes training more sociable.

If you are using a workout log app, you can share the results online, send them by email or make them available to other people in some other way. This is helpful if you are seeking an advice from a friend, or want to inspire others by example.

Do you know any other reasons to keep a workout log? Please post them in the comments!