Version 1.6.1 brought few improvements, however it is also the first version without support for Android 2.2. The number of devices running this Android version keeps increasing on September 9, 2014 Google reported that only 0.7% of Google Play users have this version.

In order to be able to dedicate more time to new features, I decided to stop supporting Android Froyo after version 1.6. I myself was using an LG phone with Froyo for 2 years, and changed it to a newer phone only recently, so I understand how frustrating such changes may be for those users who still have this Android version.

The good news is that most phones offer an upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3 at least. If you are willing to upgrade, 2014 may be the right time to finally do it. If you do not know whether an upgrade is available, please check your phone options.

If, however, you do not wish to upgrade or there is no upgrade available, I will leave BB Workout Log 1.6 available for download here. I would like to remind you that this is a fully functional version with advanced features, like progress tracking graphs, full backup and restore, workout summaries and much more. Furthermore, this version will always remain free and ad-free.

Of course, you can always download the latest version (Android 2.3 and up) below.

Download on Google Play