It’s been a long time since a new version came out, and that is because I was busy implementing new features and improving existing ones. This is a major update of BB Workout Log, and I hope you like it.

First of all, there is a new feature: comments for exercises in a routine. I’ve seen users naming their exercises like “barbell press 3×3″ – this is very inconvenient, because that exercise would probably need renaming if used in another workout. And what if you want to use in several routines simultaneously? So from now on after adding an exercise to a routine, you can add an optional comment for that exercise in that routine only. Such comments can be used for specifying target reps/sets/weight, also for anything else that would help in tracking your workouts: form details, hints, etc.

Routine exercise comments

Different comments for every routine

Another big change is complete reimplementation of exercise lists. Now you do not have to open a separate screen to edit or add an exercise. All exercise names can be edited inline, in each list. Furthermore any exercise can be deleted using a list icon now. Adding exercises to a workout routine became easier as well. There is no need to add them one by one, going through body part selection every time. Now multiple exercises can be added with a single tap, then reordered if needed. By the way, did I mention that reordering became smoother and more precise?

Exercise editing

Smooth and easy exercise editing

Last but not least, some annoying bugs were fixed: not exiting from the main screen using the back button, incorrect 1RM for sets with bodyweight (0.0), not working settings icon in body measurements.

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  • Jaime Martinez

    Your app is awesome and becoming my probable only app for all my workout needs. Thanks for the updates and fixes. God bless!!!

    • Jevgenij

      Thank you! Your feedback means a lot!

      • Jaime Martinez

        I was wondering that if for the future updates it might be possible to go back to a past date and add a workout because there’s been a couple of times when I didn’t have my cell phone on workout day but wanted to go back and add the workout from memory.
        Just an idea.
        Thank you again and God bless

        • Jevgenij

          You are not the first person requesting this, so there is good chance, that in some future version this feature will be added.

          • Jaime Martinez

            Thank you